Cabell County FRN

Funds from The Pallottine Foundation of Huntington helped to make smiles brighter this February.

The Cabell County Family Resource Network (FRN) received $8,000 in Capacity Building grant funds to make communication easier internally and externally. This is especially vital during months like National Kids’ Dental Health Month, which occurs each February, and National Child Abuse Prevention Month every April.

At its core, the Cabell County FRN is a partnership of individuals, families, and agencies working together to promote the well-being of children and families in Cabell County.
“In the recent months, we received a capacity building grant from The Pallottine Foundation of Huntington,” said Debra Harris Bowyer, Cabell County FRN coordinator. “It was for updating much needed computer, printer, software, and technology support. With the funds from the Capacity Building grant, the new equipment, the printing, and all the preparation for the promotion items are much smoother. We are very grateful to the Foundation for the funding opportunity to get an equipment upgrade, since the last technology upgrade was in 2012.”

The Cabell County FRN focuses on information sharing from its partners, as well as from its own internal programs, to reach target audiences throughout Cabell County and beyond. The key functions and initiatives of the CCFRN include promotion of services to improve family well- being, strategies to help children grow up safe and healthy, and ensuring that service providers and families are familiar with and can connect to resources through Cabell County Quick Guide and website and social media.

“Resource information sharing through the latest technology methods is essential, Bowyer said. “The promotion process involves a lot of resource information posting on the website, social media, and printing the Resources for Healthy Teeth Guide for the schools and early childhood programs.” In order for children and families to be successful and thrive, they need the resources and services that build the Protective Factors within families, which are 1) parental resilience, 2) social connections, 3) knowledge of parenting and child development, 4) concrete support in times of need, and 5) social and emotional competence of children.”

Since its incorporation in September 1993, the Cabell County FRN has brought together a broad-based representation of partners, including business representatives, consumers, and service providers from health, education, housing, and social services. These partners are critical to improving the well-being of our families and children. The Cabell County FRN envisions a coordinated, community-based social service system responsive to the needs of families and effective in enhancing the success of individuals and families to responsibly achieve their goals.

During its 2019-2020 Capacity Building Initiative, The Pallottine Foundation of Huntington awarded 37 local nonprofit organizations with applicable funding. The Capacity Building Initiative provides support to health-focused nonprofit organizations for organizational improvement projects.

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